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Amulet #60- The Beaded Amulet

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Carolyn Jacket.  The Carolyn Jacket is a contemporary, boxy, shrunken jacket with a jeweled neckline. It is a great fitting jacket regardless of size to be worn with jeans, slacks or a long straight skirt. The tapestry and designer fabrics are accented with ultra suede panels and designer trim. (JK4030-01) $300.00
These Southwestern Jackets are an artistic blend of southwestern style and elegant chic. Each contemporary art piece is a unique creation of geometric accents offset on a sea of Ultrasuede fabric bodices and sleeves. These jackets are a must have for anyone who wants to make a statement, be noticed and admired.  
JK4070-01 (Southwestern Jewel) $485.00
JK4071-01 (Southwestern Flair) $485.00
JK4072-01 (Southwestern Fire) $485.00
JK4073-01 (Southwestern Sapphire) $485.00
Boyfriend Jacket.  An elegant tapestry and Ultrasuede blazer. The tapestry yoke and full-length sleeves are accented with an Ultrasuede lapel, sleeve cuffs and bodice. The Boyfriend Jacket is a classic blazer, fuller through shoulders and narrower through the hips for a tailored and yet casual look. The Boyfriend Jacket is a perfect classic for your collection to wear for an elegant event or a casual evening on the town. (JK4010-01) $375.00
Guatemalan Braid Jacket.  The Guatemalan Braid jacket is a short, hip length style with a Mandarin collar, cuffed sleeves and Ultrasuede detailing. The hand pieced braid, Ultrasuede covered buttons and Guatemalan finishing make this a simply elegant wardrobe necessity that will most definitely turn heads. (JK4040-01) $450.00
Sandcastle Jacket.  The Sandcastle jacket is a short, fitted, black quilted jacket. It is offset with brightly colored starbursts and a variegated trim for a beautifully tailored and finished look. The Sandcastle Jacket is the chameleon of the wardrobe – as a simple finish to the causal jean attire or as the finishing touch for the starlight dinner and dancing. (JK4050-01) $350.00
WindowPane Jacket.  The windowpaned, quilted, hip length jacket adds instant polish to pants, jeans and more. The jeweled neckline is a highlight to the Ultrasuede and tapestry panels. Decorative trim finishes the jacket as an elegant accent. The jacket is basically a straight line look, slightly shaped at the torso and lined for a finishing touch.
(JK4020-01) $300.00
Elegantly Jazzy Jacket.  The Elegantly Jazzy Jacket is a cotton and tapestry mix that is as simple and comfortable as it is smart and fun. The jacket is a hip length jacket with denim accents and buttons. This is a must have for fun and flirty weekend wear. (JK4060-01) $300.00
Tetris Jacket.  Inspired by the classic Nintendo game Tetris, where brightly colored geometric shapes come together to form patterns. All Ultrasuede shell with polyester lining. (JK4180-01)  $450.00
Western Jacket- Azure.  Inspired by the artist's love of the American Southwest and its colorful history. All Ultrasuede shell with polyester lining.  (JK4184-01) $350.00
Western Jacket- Porto.  Inspired by the artist's love of the American Southwest and its colorful history. All Ultrasuede shell with polyester lining.  (JK4084-01) $350.00

The Amulet Coat.  Wrap yourself in the power of the aleph-bet! The Ultrasuede trim that outlines this three-season, ankle-length coat surrounds each of the Hebrew characters, embroidered with gold & silver metalic thread. Textured polyester fabric, fully lined, embellished with Ultrasuede and trimmed with Guatemalan stripe. (CT4082-01) $950.00

The Coat of Many Colors.  This vibrant coat was inspired by the biblical account of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. The sleeves detach, allowing the coat to be worn as a long vest or duster. Textured polyester fabric, embellished with Ultrasuede and trimmed with
Guatemalan stripe. (CT4081-01)  $1,050.00
The Ribbon Jacket. The colors in this jacket represent the tying together of the different aspects of one's life. All Ultrasuede shell with polyester lining. (JK4080-01)  $500.00
Long Duster Vest. Art Deco motifs adorn this jacket with jewel tone Ultrasuede fabrics. Moleskin foundation, with metalic handwoven stripe trim. (VT4083-01)  $500.00

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