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Quilted Fiber Art

Kamayah XLIV
Textiles, 48" x 47"

This quilted wall hanging is a textile interpretation of Amulet #32 by Sandi Knell Tamny. The amulet's energy is focused on spiritual and physical well-being. The number 18 (Eighteen = chai, life) is the sum of all numbers in all directions in this Magic Square design.
Amulet Quilt #19
Textiles, 54" x 53"

The top line of this amulet spells the Hebrew name Shabriri, the name of a demon. The name is decreased by one letter on each line, so that the demon disappears by the bottom line, leaving only the Shin (standing for God). This amulet, which is based on an ancient incantation, is a protector against the Evil Eye and diseases of the eye.

Amulet Quilt #42
Textiles, 42" x 42"

The aleph (with a numerical value of one) in the center of this quilted wall hanging represents God, while elohim (God or Judge) is spelled out in all directions.

The Celebration Quilt
Textiles, 42" x 48"
priced by quote, starting at

This is the most unique quilt The Tamny Collection offers, and the reason is simple: no two are alike, because you help in the designing process! You send us momentos and keepsakes of your choosing-- photographs, documents and letters, anything at all that jogs your memory-- and T.J. Tamny will create a personalized family heirloom from your materials. (Don't worry about the originals, the process is completely non-destructing and your originals will be returned to you as fresh as when you sent them.)   This makes a lovely gift for marking a special occasion: marriages and wedding anniversaries, births, graduations, or as a tribute for someone who has passed away. We're sure that you can think up many more uses than we could possibly mention here. Simply call us with your idea, and together we'll design a quilt that will remain a family treasure for generations!


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