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Pendant : Silver with Moonstone,
Citrine & Sapphire

(PN7039) $125.00
Have you ever felt like you keep making the same mistakes over and over again with the people you attract? Try this amulet, where the Moonstone encourages inner growth & strength, the Citrine eliminates those self-destructive tendencies, and the Sapphire promotes spiritual enlightenment.
Pendant: Silver with Sapphire
(PN7045) $150.00

Wearing this lovely pendant will leave you in a peaceful, contented place, with a clearer sense of who you are and what your purpose is in this world. The Sapphire promotes happiness, and protects against misfortune and fraud
Pendant: Silver with Black Onyx
(PN7052) $150.00

This amulet will help the wearer find her soul mate. The Onyx is for protection, passion and spiritual inspiration and protects the wearer from danger and misfortune.

Pin: Silver with Ruby,
Sapphire and Iolite

(PN7051) $150.00

This amulet will help the wearer eliminate negative thoughts. The Ruby enhances courage and self esteem. The Sapphire is for spiritual enlightenment and inner peace while the Iolite reduces anxiety and depression.

Pin / Pendant: Silver with Black Onyx
(PN7033) $150.00

The Black Onyx shields against negative
energy. Worn as an amulet it protects
the wearer from danger and brings
courage and increases wisdom.

Pendant: Silver with
Clear Quartz Crystal

(PN7058) $175.00

Clear Quartz Crystal enhances the body and mind, is an emotional balancer, amplifies energy, facilitates growth and is a natural healing stone.

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