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Amulet #60- The Beaded Amulet


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Necklace: Amazonite, Pearl & Larimar
(NK7034) $215.00
matching earrings

(ER7035) $25.00

This necklace will relieve you from any sadness or depression you might be feeling. Amazonite helps the wearer refocus and stabilize, while the Pearl soothes and the Larimar promotes better communication.

Necklace: Amethyst, African Opal, Labradorite, Rose Quartz,
Moonstone & Druzy
    (NK7036) $225.00

This lovely necklace uses Amethyst to free you from everyday concerns, while the Moonstone and the Labradorite balance your moods. The Rose Quartz inspires your imagination, the Opal enhances judgement, and the Druzy amplifies all of that energy!

Necklace: Aventurine, Peruvian Opal, Citrine, Brown Pearl
(PN7037) $215.00
matching earrings
(ER7038) $25.00

Green Aventurine has long been used for good luck and fortune. Combined with the Opal for judgement, the Citrine for dispelling negative energy and the soothing Brown Pearl, this is an extremely powerful necklace.

Necklace: Hematite, Tourmalinated
Quartz & Black Onyx
(NK7040) $175.00
matching earrings
(ER7041) $25.00

Feeling a bit of stress? Try wearing this necklace for the day! The Hematite will ground you in the midst of turmoil, the Black Onyx
will eliminate negative thinking and the
Quartz amplifies healing energy.

Necklace: Hematite, Black Lace Agate, Pearl & Black Onyx
(NK7042) $195.00
matching earrings

(ER7043) $25.00

Ever wish you could utilize all the talents that you just know live within? Agate awakens that inner creativity, and the Pearl gives you enhanced judgement to use those talents wisely. The Black Onyx and Hematite
reduce stress and negative thinking.
Necklace: Silver, Amethyst,
Chalcedony & Peridot

(NK7044) $150.00

This necklace will leave you looking forward to tomorrow! The Amethyst offers spiritual opening & internal surrender, the Chalcedony promotes release from past heartaches & regrets, and the Peridot empowers positive emotional outlook.

Necklace: Silver & Red Tiger Eye
(NK7047) $200.00

The beautiful Silver Shin, coupled with a lovely necklace of Red Tiger Eye, will give you plenty of courage in even the most difficult circumstances.

Necklace: Silver, Hematite,
Tourmalinated Quartz & Black Onyx
(NK7048) $300.00
matching earrings
(ER7049) $25.00

The silver pendant features the powerful Teth (number 9), which promotes a favorable completion for life's challenges. The Hematite is energizing and vitalizing, the Quartz amplifies healing energy, and the Black Onyx is great for spiritual inspiration.

Necklace: Silver with Jade
and Black Onyx

(NK7055) $300.00

The first two and last two letters of the Hebrew alphabet in this amulet serve as bookends, representing the inclusion of all knowledge and wisdom within the amulet's powers.Jade is the symbol of tranquility and wisdom and Black
Onyx is for objective thinking and stimulation
of the mind.

Necklace: Silver with Amazonite
and Hematite
(NK7054) $300.00

The powerful number 9, the number of completion,is represented by the teth in the center of the design. The seven rings and the green pattern make this an amulet of general wellness. Amazonite protects against a wide range of diseases. Hematite promotes healing.

Necklace: Silver with Red Carnelian
and Smoky Quartz
(NK7053) $225.00

Wear this amulet for facing those insurmountable tasks, or just facing another day. The Red Carnelian is for courage and
grounding and the Smokey Quartz is for facing life, gaining strength and motivation to meet challenges.

Necklace: Silver and Amethyst
(NK7057) $225.00

This amulet can help one grow and learn through their mistakes. The Amethyst is for intuition and freedom from addictions.
The color purple is for insight and transformation.

Necklace: Silver
(NK7059) $145.00

This amulet gives the wearer the sense of spiritual, emotional and physical freedom necessaryto meet life's challenges.

Necklace: (Fourth Chakra)
14K Gold, Sterling Silver,
Chrysoprase stones

(NK7061) $250.00

These chrysoprase stones promote clarity of thought, internal harmony and contentment. The person who has harnessed the power of the heart chakra radiates joy and friendliness, and is considerate to others with a sense of empathy.

Necklace: 3 strands of Peridot, Pearl,
Citrine, and Yellow Turquoise

(NK7063) $125.00

Necklace: Pink Biwa Beads &
Potato Pearls
(NK7066) $170.00
Necklace: Carved Flourite
(NK7068) $125.00
Necklace: Tourmalinated Quartz and Silver
(NK7065) $95.00
Necklace: Labradorite & Pearl
strung on Silk
(NK7006) $60.00
Necklace: Dyed Red Coral
strung on Knotted Silk
(NK7010) $50.00
Necklace: Carved Moonstone, Carnelian, Hessonite & Silver strung on Knotted Silk
(NK7008) $145.00

Necklace: Jade, Pearl,
Malachite Druzy & Silver
, strung on Knotted Silk
(NK7009) $175.00

Necklace: African Opal,
strung on Knotted Silk
(NK7011) $195.00
Necklace: Black Lace Agate with Silver Floral Pendant, strung on Knotted Silk
(NK7031) $225.00

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