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Amulet #60- The Beaded Amulet


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Bracelet: Silver Charm Bracelet
(BR7046) $175.00

The charms on this silver bracelet spell out the Hebrew word for faith. Wear it daily as a reminder of who you are and what your place is in the universe.

Bracelet: Silver with Citrine,
Amethyst, Peridot & Garnet

(BR7062) $140.00

The jewels on this lovely bracelet combine to promote healing-- physical, emotional and
spiritual! Amethyst is a great healer of
Mind, Body & Soul, while the Citrine adds
energy, the Peridot encourages positive
thinking, and the Garnet adds just
a bit of courage.
This elegant charm bracelet

Bracelet: Silver with Moonstone
and Garnet

(BR7050) $135.00

The Moonstone in this amulet will serve you well in stabilizing the relationships in your life. Together with the Garnet (which is known as the passion stone),this amulet will draw your loved ones closer.

Bracelet: Silver with Moonstone
(BR7056) $125.00

The Hebrew characters spell ahava (love), the perfect sentiment for the featured moonstone, the stone of love.

Bracelet: Silver with Aventurine
and Sapphire
(BR7060) $150.00

This combination of Hebrew letters and
stones work together to enhance
success, good luck,
fortune and achievement.

Bracelet: Silver Chain with Silver & Pewter Charms and Black Pearls
(BR7020) $75.00


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