The creations of three very diverse artists have been united to form
The Tamny Collection
. The Collection includes jewelry of silver and semi-precious stones, hand-crafted artisan quilts, one-of-a kind wearable art, watercolor amulets, and more.

Carolyn Tamny, a jeweler and metalsmith from Columbus, Ohio, and T.J. Tamny, a textile artist from Dallas, Texas, have combined their talents with those of Sandi Knell Tamny to produce their collection of fine and wearable art.

    Carolyn Tamny
    T.J. Tamny
   Sandi Knell Tamny

Bracelets, Necklaces, Pins & Pendants of Silver and Semi-Precious Stones

Jackets, Coats & Bags; Home Furnishings, Fiber Art & Fashion Acces-sories, and Quilted Amulets and Personalized Memory Quilts

Sandi has been creating amulets in the form of watercolor paintings and beaded wearable art for years. Her amulets come from her study of the Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish book of mysticism. The amulets are created to provide the owner with benefits that are derived from the power of the Hebrew characters, and from the colors the amulets incorporate. Health, Safety, Spiritual Blessing and Protection from the Evil Eye are just a few of the benefits bestowed by the power of the amulets.

Several years ago, T.J. interpreted a number of Sandi's designs in the form of traditional wall-hanging quilts. T.J. has been a quilter for many years, and her work is highly valued for the precise attention she gives to her craft. The transition from paint-on- paper to fabric lent the designs an entirely different feeling, one with which both women were extremely pleased. Within the past year, Carolyn also started to use Sandi's amulet designs as the basis for pieces of jewelry, and The Tamny Collection was born. Carolyn's designs are very elegant, very sophisticated pieces in sterling silver, semi-precious stones and beads of her own making that subtly employ Hebrew characters and concepts into the work.

The three artists invite you to spend a moment on these pages, enjoying their creations. As you delight in their work, please keep the following in mind:

Every piece in the Tamny Collection is hand-made, one at a time. This often gives the buyer a voice in how the piece is designed. For instance, the length of a necklace or bracelet can be customized to fit the wearer comfortably, or the Hebrew characters in the Quilt Block Pillows can be selected for your "someone special". On almost every page are opportunities for you to create a treasure that will be appreciated for years. And the Tamnys are always delighted to hear from you, and to discuss your special requests!

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